Toon Boom Certified Associate

Toon Boom Certified Associate (TCA)

Toon Boom creates award winning Animation software that is widely adopted and used worldwide. Many of the top television, movies, games and other animated programs are created using Toon Boom software. Now, you can set your students on a course towards unlimited opportunities in the world of animation by becoming a Toon Boom Certified Associate (TCA). If your students can imagine it, Toon Boom software can help them create it.

Toon Boom certifications

TCA certification is available for:

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Who should pursue Toon Boom Certified Associate certification?

  • Students who are interested in digital design, video design, and game design
  • Teachers or faculty at an educational institution using Toon Boom software for instruction
  • Professional animators or storyboard artists using Toon Boom software in production
  • Studios or other businesses wanting a consistent level of Toon Boom expertise


Toon Boom offers a number of free resources to support your learning and development. Learn animation and storyboarding techniques for free.

Take a course, test your skills, and earn badges.

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Practice tests for Toon Boom Certified Associate

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Toon Boom Certified Associate Certification

Toon Boom Certified Associate Certification is the recognized standard of excellence that provides validation of animation software skills and knowledge. It’s the best way for one to communicate proficiency with Toon Boom Harmony software.

Top 10 reasons for Toon Boom Certified Associate certification

  1. Gain industry recognition.
  2. Demonstrate expertise in the latest Toon Boom technology.
  3. Improve performance to add value to career skills.
  4. Gain confidence and peer recognition.
  5. Differentiate skills from peers and competitors.
  6. Become part of an elite group of skilled animators.
  7. Align with an industry leader.
  8. Become positioned for career and academic advancement.
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in digital animation.
  10. Digital badging available.

Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Animation is the worldwide leader in animation and storyboard software for professionals and beginners. It is the tool of choice for artist’s creating storyboards digitally and it is used by many top design studios to create the finest animated movies and television shows.

Storyboard Pro delivers everything needed for episodic, advertising, film, and other creative projects. It allows you to evolve your story using the same storyboarding program that thousands of studios and individuals use worldwide.

Harmony Essentials

Toon Boom Harmony Essentials is one of a family of three separate software products that provide professional-quality 2D animation production capabilities.

Harmony Advanced

Toon Boom Harmony Advanced is one of a family of three separate software products that provide professional-quality 2D animation production capabilities.

Harmony Premium

Toon Boom Harmony Premium is one of a family of three separate software products that provide professional-quality 2D animation production capabilities.

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Digital badges are web-enabled versions of a credential, certification or learning outcome. Representing your credential as a badge gives you the ability to share your skills online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time.

These badges are recognized standard of excellence that provides validation of Toon Boom skills and knowledge.

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